Latest Canadian Internet Statistics
Internet Pharmacy Sales
In 2003 the volume of Canadian internet pharmacy (the practice of selling prescription medicines to U.S. residents through Canadian internet pharmacies) reached $566 to $605 million, more than double the 2002 estimate of $251 million.

Internet Pharmacies in Manitoba accounted for 44% of the total share.

IMS Health Canada, Mar 25, 2004

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Government online: Canada clicking its way to the top
In January 2004, over 10 million Canadians visited a government related entity. This represents more than 60 percent of the online population and about 33 percent of the total Canadian population.

comScore Media Metrix, Mar 15, 2004
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SPAM Volume doubles

On average, Canadian Internet users currently receive 197 emails each week, an increase of 60% over last year. Almost seven-in-ten (68%) of these emails are spam.

The average Canadian Internet user receives 134 unsolicited emails per week, meaning that over the course of a year, online Canadians are flooded with an average of 6,968 junk emails.

Ipsos-Reid, Mar 14, 2004
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Canadians More Likely to Visit Humour Sites
When it comes to finding a laugh online,  Canadians are far more dedicated surfers than their American counterparts. 

In January, the average Canadian visitor spent 22 percent more time at Humor category sites than American visitors.  Moreover, Canadian Internet users viewed 57 percent more Humor category pages than their neighbors to the south.

comScore Media Metrix, Mar 5, 2004
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Perceptions of Internet-based Marketing
Canadians think pop-ups are an annoying form of advertising, gaining a score of 4.5 out of a maximum 5 for "extremely annoying."

Pop-ups are second only to telemarketing  which gained a score of 4.6
in annoyance rating.

Prophis Research & Consulting Inc
Mar 4, 2004
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Internet telephones get cool reception
Although 70% of respondents have heard of VoIP, (Voice over Internet Protocol) only 7% indicated they would actually purchase such a service.

Pollara, Feb 16, 2004
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Canadians track their investments online
Survey results released by MSN.CA reveal that to keep track of their investments, more than 75 per cent of Canadians are turning to the Internet, an increase of over 50 per cent, when compared with results from a similar survey conducted by MSN.CA one year ago.

MSN.ca, Feb 10, 2004
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Canada Personals' users are posting ads in search of love
From February 2003 to December 2003, the entire Canadian online personals market grew by 20 per cent to over 7.2 million unique visitors, representing more than 42 per cent of the total online population, home and work combined.
comScore Media Metrix, Feb 9, 2004

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Help Wanted: Apply Online
In a recent survey, Canadian executives said 53 per cent of the resumes they receive are submitted by e-mail.
Accountemps, Feb 5, 2004

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Household Internet Use in Rural Canada
Living in rural parts of Canada itself appears to be an independent constraint on household Internet use, according to a new study. Internet  use is lower among households outside the 15 most populous census metropolitan areas, even after three main factors are taken into account: age, education and income.

Statistics Canada, Jan 6, 2004

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The Internet Is Changing The Way Canadians Socialize
Almost seven-in-ten online Canadians (69%) have used the Internet for social interaction. Younger online Canadians are especially likely to use the Internet in their social lives. In fact, 82% of those 1834 years of age have taken part in some form of online social activities.

Ipsos-Reid, Dec 30, 2003
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Canadians' Holiday E-Shopping Estimated at $1.6 Billion
While more Canadian Internet users are shopping online this year 61 per cent have purchased goods or services from a retail Web site in the past six months, compared to 55 per cent a year ago they are spending slightly less

NFO CFGroup, Dec 22, 2003
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Households Shopping Online in 2002
Canadian households spent just over $2.4 billion shopping on the Internet, on everything from airplane tickets to books. This represents a 35% increase from $1.8 billion spent online in 2001, a growth rate that far exceeds the 4% increase in the number of households that accessed the Internet from any location in 2002.

Statistics Canada, Dec 11, 2003
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Market Research on the Internet:
Canadian Internet Statistics

An Internet-based business is no different from any other type of business: to be successful you must understand your target market. 

At its most basic level market research is about determining

  1. who your best customer is,
  2. how many of them there are and
  3. how  you can most effectively reach them.

This section features Canadian statistics on Internet usage, on-line shopping and other topics.

To the left is a list of the latest Canadian Internet statistics available. 

Below is a list of web sites that contain free Canadian Internet Statistics.   Also included here is archived Canadian data from 1999, 2000 and 2001.



Sources of FREE Canadian Internet Data

The following links will take you to a GDSourcing site summary page.  The summary page describes the type of data available at the target site and provides you with a direct link to the data.

AC Nielsen Canada

American Express

Ipsos-Reid Group


Boston Consulting Group

NFO CF Group

Cable Datacom News

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Canadian Grocer

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants

Canadian Medical Association

CBC Radio-Canada Research Department

CommerceNet Research Centre


Environics Research Group

Ernst & Young (Canada)

Evans Research Corporation


Grant Thornton LLP

IEA Second Information Technology in Education Study (SITES)

Industry Canada - Strategis


InfoTech Trends

International Telecommunication Union

Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada)

J.C. Williams Group

Leger Marketing

Leverus Inc

Marketing Magazine

Media Awareness Network



National Broadband Task Force

National Public Relations

Nua Internet Surveys


Retail Council of Canada

Retail Interactive

SES Research

Statistics Canada

Taylor Nelson Sofres

The Yankee Group in Canada

24/7 Media



Archived Canadian Internet Data

2000 & 2001: Canadian Internet StatsPacks

Free one page summaries of Canadian Internet Statistics.  They are in Adobe Acrobat format.

1999 & 2000

Business Use
Andersen Consulting
JC William Group
Retail Council of Canada
Statistics Canada

AC Nielsen Canada
ComQuest Research
JC William Group
Statistics Canada

AC Nielsen Canada
Angus Reid
ComQuest Research
Ernst & Young
JC William Group
Retail Council of Canada

Educational Use
Angus Reid
Statistics Canada

Internet Service Providers
Marketing Magazine
Statistics Canada

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