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Canadian Shipowners Association
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  • Summary Statistics
    • Vital Statistics
      Number of ships, Total Gross Registered Tonnage, Tonnes Carried, Tonne-kilometres Carried.
    • Composition of Fleet
      profile of Canadian shipping companies
    • Ten Year Profile of Entire Canadian Shipping Fleet
    • Cargo Summary
      by commodity, Tonnes, Tonne-km
    • Volume Changes in Commodities Shipped
    • Cargo Volume - Ten Year Profile
    • Summary by Type of Trade
      import, export, domestic
    • Cargo Tonnage as a Proportion of Trade Type
    • Commodity Carried by Type of Vessel
      Bulker, Self-Unloader Tanker, Other
    • Total Tonnage Carried Per Type of Vessels


  • Statistics by Commodity
    Covers Tonnes, Tonnes-km over five year period, as well trade type and volume.
    • Cement
    • Coal
    • Coke
    • General Cargo
    • Grain
    • Gypsum
    • Iron Ore
    • Limestone
    • Miscellaneous Bulk
    • Potash
    • Salt
    • Tanker Products


  • CSA Annual Reports
    Overview of sector performance as well as all the statistics listed above.

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