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Insurance Bureau of Canada
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  • Facts of the General Insurance Industry in Canada (
    • Automobile Net Insurance Premiums and Claims
    • Automobile Theft
      Includes data on the export of stolen vehicles
    • Canada's Credit Insurance Industry, Increasing Competition and Capacity in
      Report entitled, "A Level Playing Field"
    • Canadian property and casualty insurance industry financial results
      e.g. assets, operating expenses, commissions, salaries and benefits, profit, average return on equity
    • Estimated employment in the private property and casualty insurance industry
      By province
    • Insurance Claims Comparisons by Vehicle

      Highlights only
    • Insurance Fraud
      Highlights only
    • Liability Insurance
      Premiums and Claims
    • Loss costs for insured private passenger vehicles
      Average claim per private automobile insured, and average cost per claim for insured private passenger vehicle
    • Net Insurance Premiums and Claims
    • Net Insurance Premiums by Type of Business
      e.g. personal property, auto, commercial liability, commercial property, etc.
    • Number and amount of claims for private and commercial motor vehicles paid by non-government insurers in 1996
      e.g. Third-party liability, Accident benefits, Collision, or Comprehensive
    • P&C insurance industry taxes
    • Personal and commercial property

      Net written premiums and claims incurred
    • Property crime
      Highlights only
    • Significant Canadian earthquakes since 1870
    • Underwriting and investment income
  • Perspective
    A quarterly analysis of the financial performance of Canada's P&C insurance industry



  • Between the Lines
    A quarterly newsletter on insurance industry news & views
  • Cutting The Cost Of Catastrophe: Frequently Asked Questions
    Includes a table of insured losses incurred by natural disasters in Canada
  • Financial Affairs
    A quarterly report from IBC's Financial Affairs Committee

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