Research Services

Thank you for your interest in our services.

GDSourcing was established to help Canadians, especially new entrepreneurs, take advantage of existing government and non-government databases.

We have a number of products/services designed specifically for researchers with limited budgets.  Each is designed to meet a specific need:

  1. I want to access key data at a discount price
  2. I need some helping getting started with my research
  3. I have no money to spend on research

1. I want to access key data at a discount price.


The purpose of this data centre is to provide Canadian entrepreneurs with an economical way to access detailed Canadian market and industry data.

It includes market size estimates, industry financial benchmarks and discounted Statistics Canada publications.

2. I need some helping getting started with my research


The sixth edition of our popular research guide is now available.

This year’s issue is nearly 1000 pages in length and includes over 6000 references and the latest information on the 2001 Census.  It also includes a February 2003 update.

Time and money are at a premium for all new entrepreneurs. Researching a Small Business helps you save both.

Each chapter focuses on a different key aspect of researching a small business in Canada. All advice is straight forward and to the point. The sources identified are practical, accessible and most importantly cost effective (that means FREE in most cases!).

3. I have no money to spend on research at this time


It is a fact: many new entrepreneurs have extremely limited funds available to them. They recognize that research is a vital component of business success but they can not afford to spend any money on it at this time.

Don’t worry!  We understand.  We started our business from scratch as well!   

Unlike other research firms we are happy to help out where we can. In fact we have 3 options: 

  1. Take advantage of our site summaries.  GDSourcing is a reference point for free Canadian data online.  You can access our site summaries by industry sector or subject heading.  You can also use our search engine located at the top of every page.
  2. Submit a free e-mail query at our Query Desk.  Within 2 days you will receive a response from one of our researchers indicating what sources are available to you free of charge.
  3. Business Researcher newsletter. View sample issues online
  • keep up-to-date when new sites are indexed
  • learn tips & techniques for successful do-it-yourself research
  • includes start-up “Stats Facts” every entrepreneur should know