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  • Global Competitiveness Report
    Annual ranking of the most competitive markets in the world - Gives Canada's International Ranking; executive summary of full report can be downloaded in format


  • 1998 Davos Report - Managing Volitility
    Brief reports on various international economic topics: e.g. Volatility and the Domino Effect: What Caused the Asia Crisis and Where Is It Headed?; The Lions Are Coming: Will Africa Become the Next Economic Miracle?
  • 1998 Davos Report - Priorities for the 21st Century
    Brief reports on various international economic topics: e.g. The New Buzz in IT On-line Commerce Takes Business by Storm; Can Green Be Gold? Global Warming Is Fuelling the Enviro-Business Debate; It's Not Science Fiction Biotech Research Treads on Controversial Ground.
  • Various Articles of the World Economy
    e.g. Ten trends in global competitiveness in 1998, Africa Competitiveness Report, etc.

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