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National Foundation for Women Business Owners
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Most of the statistics reported at this website concerning women-run businesses and female entrepreneurs are strictly American in nature. However, there are some important Canadian statistics reported.


  • Economic Outlook, technology adoption and international trade among female entrepreneurs
    Overall global results from a survey which included Canadian women
  • Industry Distribution of Women-owned businesses
    In Canada, United States, Mexico, Russia & Africa
  • Number and Growth or Women-led firms in Canada
    Includes data on employees and record of bill payments
  • Percent share of women owned businesses
    Canada, United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands


  • Research & Reports
    Although the following reports are based strictly on American statistics, they may prove informative to Canadian researchers as well; report titles include:
    • Entrepreneurial Ideas Motivate Women to Start Businesses
    • Technology Boosts Growth in Home-Based Businesses
    • Women Business Owners Give Priority to Retirement Plans
    • Women Entrepreneurs Embrace the Internet and Information Technology
    • Minority Women-Owned Firms Thriving
    • First Selection of Leading Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide
    • Women-Owned Firms Increase in 50 American Metro Areas
  • NFWBO News Releases
    Information on the organization's activities, alliances and studies

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