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Transport Canada
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  • Harbours / Ports, Atlantic Region
    (e.g. location, services, storage capacity, physical features)
  • Main Track Railway Derailments
  • Motor Vehicle Recalls
    (by month, vehicle and defect description)
  • Railway Safety Facts 1996
    (details of railway crossing accidents)

T-FACTS - Transport Canada Statistics & Forecasts

Economy Statistics

  • Demography
    (e.g. population, population density, no. of households, largest cities, urbanization etc.)
  • Employment
    (e.g. overall labour force, unemployment rate, employment in transportation mfg sector, work stoppages and employments trends by transportation mode)
  • International Comparisons
    (e.g. Transportation GDP as Share of Total: 1991, GDP G-7 Countries, 1995 etc.)
  • Trade
    (e.g. international trade by mode of tranportation, transportation equipment exports & imports)
  • Price Indexes & Interest Rates
    (e.g overall consumer price index, public/private transportation price index, Price Indices of Exports by Selected Industry, selected interest rates etc.)
  • Productivity
    (Multifactor & Labour)
  • Personal Income
    (Disposable Income Per Capita: Provinces & Terrotories)
  • Family Expenditures
    (e.g. On Major Items, On Intercity Public Modes, On Private Transport Household Motor Vehicle Ownership etc)

Government Statistics

  • Government
    (includes Expenditures, Subsidies, taxes by fuel type, revenue)

Transportation Mode Statistics

  • All Transportation Modes
    (includes: Weekly Travel, Domestic Intercity Passenger Travel, International Travel, Commuting, Freight Traffic, Revenues, Labour Unions, Foreign Control)
  • Air
    (includes: Industry, Output, Financial Performance, Passenger Traffic, Freight Traffic, Aircraft Movements, Labour, Fuel, Operating Statistics, Fares, Forecasts)
  • Bus
    (includes: Industry, Equipment, Financial Performance, Activity, Output, Labour, International Comparisons)
  • Highway
    (includes: Network, Usage, Vehicles, Drivers, Fuel Sales, Car Costs, Border Crossings, International Comparisons)
  • Intermodal
    (includes: Marine Traffic, Container Cargo by Port & Region, Rail Traffic, Forecasts, International Comparisons)
  • Marine
    (includes: Industry, Coasting Trade, Output, Financial Performance, Quarterly Industry Monitor, Traffic, Commodity Flows, Vessel Movements, St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic, Cruise Industry, Labour, Forecasts)
  • Rail
    (includes: Infrastructure, Output, Financial Performance, Traffic, Commodity Traffic, Labour, Forecasts, U.S. Comparisons)
  • Trucking
    (includes: Industry, Infrastructure, Output, Financial Performance, Domestic & International Traffic, Prices, Forecasts)

Safety & Energy

  • Energy
    (includes: Consumption, Prices, Taxes, Pollution)
  • Safety
    (includes: Accidents & Fatalities - Air, Rail, Marine, Road, International Comparisons)


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