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This site is designed to be an easy-to-use tool for American businesses looking to enter foreign markets (such as Canada). The market research reports available have been compiled by the U.S. government using local market data.

Although the detailed reports were compiled for American companies interested in expanding into the Canadian market, the information is just as useful for Canadian entrepreneurs.

If you are considering exporting to a foreign country, we recommend you look at the market research reports available at this site for other countries.



  • Canada Overview
    Includes basic demographics, economic data, geographic description, etc.
  • Detailed Market Research Reports
    For the Canadian market, covering the following industries:
    • Agriculture and Processed Foods
    • Aircrafts & Parts
    • Auto Parts & Service Equipment
    • Bioscience/Biomedical Technologies and Instruments
    • Clothing and Apparel
    • Computers, Peripherals and Related Electronics
    • Computer Software
    • Cosmetics Industry
    • Entertainment Services
    • Environmental Technologies
    • Foodservice Industry
    • Furniture
    • Laboratory & Scientific Instruments
    • Medical Equipment
    • Multimedia and Information Technologies
    • Telecommunications Equipment
    • Telecommunications
    • Tourism
    • Conduct a keyword search for more reports.
  • International Trade Information
    Includes Merchandise Trade Volumes, Canadian Economic Policies & Trade Practices, Economic Trends and Outlook


  • This site includes a great deal of information about Canada from investment climate to business practices. This information can be insightful to Canadians as well.

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