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  • Climate Change Reports and Resources
    Report shows how government, industry and individuals can reduce emissions effectively and affordably; includes estimated reductions from the proposed actions, Canada's energy outlook (1996-2020), info on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, electricity generation, industry, the residential sector, the commercial sector and non-energy sources
  • Clean Power at Home
    Estimates and quantifies the environmental, financial and job-creation benefits of small scale micro-hydro, wind generation and solar power in British Columbia; includes resource potential of selected systems, customer costs and benefits, customer uptake of net metering and associated societal benefits, summary of technology costs, etc.
  • A Glimpse of Canada's Future
    Climate change primer; includes current facts and predictions for future change
    Sections include A Climate Change Primer, Global Responsibility, Preventing the Catastrophe, The Greenhouse Crisis, Questions & Answers, Economic Costs and Opportunities, Global Scientific Consensus: We Must Act Now, and Energy without Global Warming
  • Keeping Canada Competitive
    Report reviews how Canada's performance on reducing emissions compares with other countries; includes top global emitters, progress to date, province-by-province trends and projections, comparison of selected countries' responses to climate change (in table format), projections and trends for selected countries, profiles of the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, and Australia, etc.
  • Renewable Energy for a Clean Environment & Healthy Economy
    Includes statistics on the health benefits of renewable energy, the employment benefits, the barriers to renewable energy, low-impact renewable energy options, etc.
  • The Role of Government
    A Briefing Paper for the Honourable Paul Martin
  • Taking Charge: Personal Initiatives
    Report shows how the actions of individuals and communities can affect climate change, examining everything from personal purchasing habits , daily behaviour and lifestyle choices, to official community plans and growth strategies; includes Canada's greenhouse emissions by source, individuals' greenhouse emissions by source, carbon dioxide emissions - calculation worksheet, practical actions to reduce emissions, etc.
  • Taking Our Breath Away: The Health Effects Of Air Pollution and Climate Change
    Report explores the link between fossil fuel combustion, climate change, air pollution and human health; includes annual release of carbon to the atmosphere (1800-2000), global average temperature changes (1860-1997), increase in mortality on high air pollution days, mean value of pollutants by city (1990-1994), etc.



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