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Canadian Statistics



International Federation of Stock Exchanges
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This site provides data on stock exchanges around the world. Canadian exchanges covered are Toronto Stock Exchange, Montreal Stock Exchnage, Canadian Venture Exchange.

All Statistics are located in the "Statistics" section of the site.

Annual Statistics

  • Equity Market
  • Bond Market
  • Market Indicators
    Price Earning Ratio, Return Indicators, Stock Market Index
  • Stock and Index Options and Futures
  • US Dollar Exchange Rates

Monthly Statistics (Most current two months)

  • Stock Market Indexes at Month-end
  • Value of Share Trading
  • Value of Bond Trading
  • Market Capitalization of Shares of Domestic Companies
  • Number of companies with equity shares listed
  • Investment Flows channeled through the Exchanges
  • US Dollar Exchange Rates

Time Series Data

  • Total Number of Companies with Shares Listed
  • Market Capitalization of Shares of Domestic Companies
  • Total Value of Share Trading
  • Market Value of Bonds Listed

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