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Canada Customs & Revenue Agency
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  • Canada Customs Visible Minority Study
    Report explores perceptions of the service and treatment received from Canada Customs by Canadian residents who are members of a visible minority; sections include "Perceptions of Customs Service", "Perceived Treatment Compared to Non-Visible Minority Travellers", etc.
  • Customs and Trade Administration Blueprint Study: Survey of Small and Medium-Size Importers and Exporters
    Report downloadable in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format
  • Overall total taxation statistics for individuals
    By income size, source of income, age, sex and province
  • Revenue Canada Fast Facts
    Filings, audits
  • Benefit Programs Report
    A performance report on Revenue Canada's administration of benefits programs, including the:
    • Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Credit
    • Child Tax Benefit
    • Children's Special Aallowances
    • Disability Tax Credit
    • Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit
    • BC Family Bonus
    • New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit
    • Newfoundland Harmonized Sales Tax Credit
  • Locality Taxation Statistics
    Downloadable statistics, detailed by Census Subdivision (municipality) by income size, source of income, sex and province

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