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Railway Association of Canada
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Railway Trends 98:

  • Statistical Highlights
    • Ten-year Comparison
    • Freight Revenue per Ton-Mile/Tonne Kilometre
    • Railway Mileage by Province
  • Railway Operations in Canada
    • Plant and Equipment
    • Freight Transportation
    • Fuel Consumed
    • Average Length of Haul
  • Financial Highlights
    • Total Income/Loss
    • Operating Expenses
    • Employment
    • Productivity
    • Passenger Transportation
  • Public Policy and Taxation
    • Taxes by Category
    • Taxes by Jurisdiction


  • Canada's Railways - Help Canada work... into the 21st Century
    Commentary on Railway Restructuring, The Growth of Shortlines, Passenger Rail, The Intermodal Component in Rail Transport, Technologies of Tomorrow in Service Today, Safety - A Paramount Concern in Railroading, Supply Industry Partners, The Future - Reinforcing Our Strengths
  • List of Member Companies
    Internet links provided where available
  • Operation Lifesaver
    Program to promote railway safety; includes a few highlight statistics on railway fatalities

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