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  • Canada Speaks
    Results from the annual Southam News poll
    • Moving Forward 2000: The Experiences and Attitudes of Executive Women in Canada
    • Canadians Optimistic about Future
    • Canadians Oppose Raising Retirement Age to 67
    • Net Improves Canadian Outlook: Internet Users More Excited about Future
    • Biotech Advances Spook Canadians: GM Foods Top List of Technology Fears
    • Majority Believe Politeness in Decline
    • Nation Turns to God, Canadians Becoming More Spiritual
    • College Degree Deemed Critical, Poll Finds Canadians Fear Rising Tuition Will Limit Access
    • 74% of Canadians Want Those Who Can Afford It to Pay Part of Own Health Care Costs
    • Life in Canada Overshadows U.S. Benefits
    • Mediocre Health Care Called Brain Drain Factor
    • Federal Government's Importance Ranks Highest in Quebec
    • Net Users Younger, Wealthier
    • etc.
  • Pollara in the News
    News releases with highlight statistics
    • Poll Suggests High Approval for Canadian Forces
    • Canadians Consider Paying Out-Of-Pocket for Health Care
    • Online Shopping Spree Expected This Christmas
    • Less TV is Net Gain
    • Networking Isn't Working for Canadian Women
    • Canadians Unaware of Risks in Some Pain Relievers
    • Faith in National Unity is Strong
    • etc.
  • Pollara Reports
    • Moving Forward 2000: The Experiences and Attitudes of Executive Women in Canada
    • Moving Forward: The Experiences and Attitudes of Senior Executive Women
    • What Do Consumers Want? - Select Findings from InsurPoll, Canadian Insurance Magazine
    • Canadians' Views on Climate Change
    • Pollara Public Trust Index
    • Canadian Opinions on Canadian Foreign Policy, Defence Policy and International Development Assistance
  • PollVault
    A weekly column in the Ottawa Citizen examining some lighter findings
    • The Pitfalls of Facial Hair
    • Faith in News Sources
    • Stranded on a Desert Island
    • Canadians on William, Charles and the Monarchy
    • Clinton, Fidelity and Cigars
    • etc.

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