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National Forestry Database Program
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  • Annual Allowable Cut
    Allowable Annual Cut (AAC) and Harvest of Industrial Roundwood Canada (1970-1997), and statistics by province
  • Forest Fires
    Forest fire statistics including number of fires, area burned - total forest land and stocked timber-productive forest land, fire control expenditures - budgeted costs and fire-fighting costs, property losses, etc.
  • Forest Insects and Diseases
  • Forest Inventory
    Forest Inventory, 1991 (total area, productivity class, ownership), area classification, gross merchantable wood (area and volume), terrestrial ecozones, etc.
  • Forest Management Expenditures
    Total expenditures, forest management expenditures by activity and source of funding (1977-1997), etc.
  • Forest Products
    Net merchantable volume of roundwood harvested (1940-1997), production of industrial roundwood, fuelwood and firewood (1940-1997), production, wholesale value, quantity and trade of maple products, production, wholesale value and trade of Christmas trees, etc.
  • Forest Regeneration in Canada, 1975 - 1992
    The state of forest regeneration on harvested lands in Canada, silvicultural statistics, harvesting statistics, site preparation, scarification, direct seeding, planting, stand tending, etc.
  • National Forestry Database - Summary, 1998
    Snapshot overview of the Database
  • Pest Control Product Use
    Pesticide and insecticide use by product and province (1988-1997), area treated, etc.
  • Revenues and Economic Profiles
    Statement of revenues from the sale of timber from provincial crown land, economic profile of the forest sector (1991-1998), exports, employment, contribution to the economy, etc.

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