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National Crime Prevention Council
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All statistics on this site are included in written reports.

  • Bullying and Victimization for School-aged children
    e.g. prevalence of by gender and age
  • Incarceration in Canada
    e.g. incarceration rates & costs, profiles of federal prisoners
  • Offender Profiles
    Socio-demographic profiles of young offenders, women offenders, aboriginal offenders, sex offenders and robbery offenders
  • Picture of Crime in Canada
    Statistics on violent crime, property crime, youth crime, victimization, relationship of criminal and victim
  • Risk or Threats to Children
    e.g. parental behavior, family violence, poverty
  • The Determinants of Health and Children
    e.g. socio-economic environment and status
  • The Dollars and Sense of a Comprehensive Crime Prevention Strategy for Canada
    e.g. direct & indirect costs of current system, costs and savings of social development approaches
  • Young People Say
    Report from the Youth Consultation Initiative; includes data on youth homelessness, family dysfunction, drugs & alcohol, etc.



  • Canadian Crime Prevention Practices Database
    Listing of crime prevention programs by type of crime (youth, urban, family violence, violence against women
  • Clear Limits and Real Opportunities: The Keys to Preventing Youth Crimes
  • Crime Prevention Digest 1997
    From the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime; includes non-Canadian data on the successes of crime prevention, economic benefits of crime prevention, crime and attitudes to prevention
  • Federal Inventory of Crime Prevention
    A comprehensive listing of prevention and social development initiatives in the Canadian federal government
  • Models of Practice for Community Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Preventing Crime by Investing in Families

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