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For statistics on the Internet please see our Internet Statistics Summary for MultiMediator



  • Canadian Internet Advertising 2000: A Message for the Medium 
    March 2000 - Overview of Internet advertising and usage by consumers and businesses
  • Canadian Interactive Media Producers' Survey 2000 
    Nov 2000 - Only top level highlights available for free
  • 1997 Survey of Toronto's Multimedia Industry
    Includes data on:
    • Geographical distribution (Toronto & Ontario)
    • Client focus (custom, mass market)
    • Activity focus (interactive/non-interactive)
    • Functionality focus (developer, publisher, distributor)
    • Media focus (text, sound, video/graphics)
    • Platform focus (CD-ROM, kiosk, internet, hard drive, floppy disk, game console),
    • Product focus (corporate, entertainment, edutainment, education, information, health)
    • Products/Markets Served (adult education, advertising, business & management materials, internet site design, graphics, etc.)
    • Employment & subcontracting practices
    • Geographic location of suppliers
    • Geographic location of customers
    • Revenue groupings
  • Canadian New Media Producers' Survey 1999 Final Report - Executive Summary
    Highlight statistics; full report can be ordered for a fee
  • Client Survey 1996
    An exclusive survey of potential Canadian multimedia clients; results examine company revenues, advertising practices, use of multimedia, and multimedia company awareness
  • Competitors Survey 1996
    An exclusive survey of multimedia developers in Canada and the United States; results examine age of company and barriers to entry, types of products and services, revenue and sales growth, employees, clients and geographic sources of business, advertising expenditures



  • 1997 Electronic Entertainment Expo Report
    Online gaming product trends; full text article available on-line
  • Betaville
    Discussion forums on the multimedia industry and trends affecting it
  • BitStream
    MultiMediator's FREE e-mail newsletter, featuring news, announcements, job listings, and other items of interest to the Canadian multimedia community
  • Canadian Developers Directory
    The world's most extensive directory of Canadian multimedia developers; searchable by service, delivery medium, keyword, and more
  • The CanCon New Media Sessions
    Canadian multimedia developers speak out on key industry issues; full text can be downloaded from web site in Word format
  • The Essentials
    List of links/resources by category
  • Publications
    A collection of various articles on trends in the multimedia industry; e.g. Digital Brand Building, TV or Computer?, Designing for Non-North American Audiences

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