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Department of Justice
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  • Canadian Families and Family Law
    Selected statistics on family demographics, marriage and divorce, child custody, child and spousal support payments
  • Canada's War Crimes Program - Annual Report 1998-1999
    Appendix includes statistics on modern-day war crimes cases (ie. number of cases under investigation, total refugee claimant cases in Canada, etc.)
  • Firearm Statistics
    e.g. registration, crimes committed, injuries, hospitalization
  • Firearm Suicide


  • The Access to Justice Network
    A network of justice related sites
  • Child Support tables
    e.g. costs to raise children by family type and age of children, support payments, etc.; downloadable in WP5.1 format
  • Safer Communities
    On-line publication providing statistical information on Crime & Crime Prevention; e.g. cost of crime, violence in the home, wife assault, hate crimes, youth gangs, weapons in school

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