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Foreign Affairs and International Trade
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  • Arts, Culture, Giftware & Crafts Sector Foreign Market Reports
  • Beyond Borders: Canadian Businesswomen in International Trade - March 1999
    (data on women-owned firms that export to foreign markets)
  • Canadian Peace Keeping Activities
  • Exports of Military Goods from Canada: Annual Report for 1997
  • Food & Beverage Processing Fact Sheets
  • Individual Country Profiles
    (general relations, trade, Canadian investment)
  • Investing in Canada
    (includes sections on setting up a business in Canada, taxation, international comparisons on quality of life, infrastructure, Canadian demographics, Canadian business & consumer market, NAFTA, Human Resources, etc; all information is geared towards those currently living outside of Canada)
  • Market Information by Country/Region & Sector
    (requires registration for free password)
  • Trade Update 2000: First Annual Report on Canada's State of Trade
    • The year in trade 1999
    • Highlights of Canada's Trade & Economic Performance
    • Merchandise Trade
    • Trade in Services
    • Investment Income
    • Capital and Financial Accounts
    • Summary of Balance of Payments

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