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Environics Research Group
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  • Canadian Attitudes Towards Walking and Bicycling
    Examines why some Canadians are physically active while others aren't, helps identify the conditions that foster an active lifestyle
  • Canadian Attitudes Towards Public Education and Business
    An overwhelming majority of Canadians support the idea of schools forming more links with business, but many are wary of advertising in the classroom
  • Canadians Attitudes Toward Toronto
  • CBC-Environics Poll - Public Opinion
    Includes opinions on economy, personal finance, government, health care & education
  • Majority of Canadians Still Oppose Legalization of Marijuana
    Results of national poll
  • Personal Computers, Internet, video games in Canadian households
  • Public Support for Political Parties in Canada - National Poll
  • Social Values Tribes in Canada
    Socio-demographic population groups in Canada are defined.
    • Rational Traditionalists
      (54% of pre-boomers)
    • Extroverted Traditionalists
      (26% of pre-boomers)
    • Cosmopolitan Modernists
      (20% of pre-boomers)
    • Autonomous Rebels
      (25% of boomers)
    • Anxious Communitarians
      (20% of boomers)
    • Connected Enthusiasts
      (14% of boomers)
    • Disengaged Darwinists
      (41% of boomers)
    • Aimless Dependents
      (27% of post-boomers)
    • Thrill-seeking Materialists
      (25% of post-boomers)
    • New Aquarians
      (13% of post-boomers)
    • Autonomous Post-materialists
      (20% of post-boomers)


  • Corporate Press Releases
  • Social Values Characterizations
    Find out which Social Values Tribe you belong to by taking this on-line survey.
  • Technology Adoption Segmentation
    After you answer the survey questions, you will be able to learn about your technology adopter profile and which Canadian group you belong to.

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