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Environment Canada - The Green Lane
[If you want to visit this web site Click Above]

This site includes numerous reports and studies. We recommend using their search engine to find further information on the environment beyond what is listed below.


  • The State Of Canada's Envrionment Infobase
    Comprehensive source that contains information on every aspect of the environment.


    • Acid Rain
    • Canadian Passenger Transportation
    • Climate Change
    • Energy Consumption
    • Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
    • Sustaining Canada's Forests: Overview, Timber Harvesting, and Forest Biodiversity
    • Sustaining Marine Resources: Pacific Herring fish Stocks 
    • Toxic Contaminants in the Environment: Persistent Organochlorines
    • Urban Air Quality
    • Urban Water: Municipal Water Use & Wastewater Treatment


  • Tracking Key Environmental Issues
    Includes air quality, acid rain, nature, climate change.


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