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  • Electronic Commerce
    Dollar projections, corporate experience with web sites, consumers and shopping online, what's selling online (overview), business examples of online money-makers, digital cash, security issues
  • Net Advertising Revenues
    Web ad spending (today, projected, and in perspective), worldwide ad revenues, ad dollar concentration, top spending categories, top spenders
  • Net Geography
  • Net Market Size and Growth
    Number of net users (today and projected), browser wars, PC growth, Modem growth, online fax market, CD-ROM growth and more
  • Net Usage Patterns
    Access methods, access speed, time spent online, net usage vs. offline media, where people access the web, navigation tools, reasons for being online, e-mail usage
  • User Demographics

eMarketer also has reports that can be purchased, and offers previews of their research:


  • eCommerce: Retail Shopping Report
    Previews include: "The Size and Growth of the Consumer eCommerce Market", "The Number of Online Buyers to Double in 1999"
  • eOverview Report
    Previews include: "How Many People Are Online?", "Is the Net Really Worldwide?", "The Net Has Become an Upscale Microcosm of America", "Where Do People Access the Web From?", "Next Wave in Portals: Verti-Ports", "The Future of Web Advertising"


  • eList
    Competitive sites; category competitions include The Top 10 Music Stores Online, Internet Grocers, and Online Bookstores
  • eNews
    Articles covering a variety of topics related to Internet use, e-commerce, and more
  • eNewsletter
    Thumbnails the news, information and statistics featured in eMarketer

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