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Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEMA)
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Market Information
Data can be viewed on-line or downloaded and is available by month or week. Coverage includes:

  • Prices
    • Producer Price List
    • Breaker Prices
    • Cost of Production Values
  • Domestic Supply
    • Canadian Domestic Supply
    • Provincial Gradings By Size
    • Provincial Gradings Summary
  • Industrial Product
    • Industrial Product Declarations
    • Preliminary Industrial Product Declarations (Current)
    • Preliminary Industrial Product Declarations (Previous)
    • Provincial Industrial Product Summary
  • Estimated Egg Disappearance
    • Canadian Table Egg Disappearance
  • Imports
    • National Table Egg Imports
    • Canadian Egg and Egg Product Imports
  • Interprovincial Movement of Table Eggs
    • Monthly Movement
    • Monthly Movement including Yearly Summaries

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