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Correctional Service of Canada
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  • Aborignal People in Corrections
    Includes statistics on Aboriginal inmates (demographic trends and projections), etc.
  • Aboriginal Sex Offenders: Melding Spiritual Healing With Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment
    Includes info on Aboriginal culture, ethics and rules of behaviour, Aboriginal offenders and incarceration, and treatment programs
  • Basic Facts about Federal Corrections
    Includes number of people in Canada with a criminal record, rate of imprisonment, total expenditures of the Correctional Service of Canada, number of people employed by CSC, average annual cost of incarcerating an inmate and cost of supervising an offender, number of federal inmates, inmate profiles (male, female, Aboriginal inmates), types of release (temporary absence, work release, day parole, full parole), etc.
  • Case Studies of Female Sex Offenders in the Correctional Service of Canada
    Includes characteristics of the offenders
  • Forum
    Issues include:
    • Early Indicators of Future Delinquency
    • Long-Term Offenders
    • Prison Violence, Inmate Suicide and Self-Injury
    • Substance Abuse and Corrections
    • Violent Offenders
    • Young Offenders and Corrections
    • etc.
  • Effective Corrections - Slide Show
  • Hostage-Takings of Csc Staff: Psychological Impact and Institutional Management
  • The Impact of Experiencing and Witnessing Family Violence during Childhood: Child and Adult Behavioural Outcomes
    Includes statistics on aggressive behaviour by child witnesses and/or victims, aggressive behaviour by witnesses and/or victims in adolescence, and aggressive behaviour by witnesses and/or victims in adulthood
  • Implementing The Life Line Concept: Report Of The Task Force On Long Term Offenders
    Includes profile of long term offenders
  • The Incidence of Family Violence Perpetrated by Federal Offenders: A File Review Study
    Includes statistics on violence perpetrated against family members, against female partners, and against children, regional variations in perpetration of abuse, Aboriginal versus non-Aboriginal status, family violence treatment, and childhood victimization of offenders by family members and other correlates of family violence
  • Key Facts on Safe Reintegration
  • Outcome per Release Types - Canadian Federal Offenders 1998-1999
  • Profile of Women Offenders in the Community: September 1999
    Includes age, marital status, race, reason for sentence, length of sentence, previous terms of incarceration, active supervision in the community, and highlights of the community population
  • Profile of Incarcerated Women Offenders: September 1999
    Includes age, marital status, race, reason for sentence, length of sentence, and previous terms of incarceration
  • Research Reports:
    • Adult Male Offenders in Canada: Recent Trends
    • An Analysis of Temporary Absences and the People Who Receive Them
    • Attitudes of Federal Correctional Officers Towards Offenders
    • Can Educating Adult Offenders Counteract Recidivism?
    • Differences in Response to Long-term Imprisonment: Implications for the Management of Long-Term Offenders
    • Dynamic and Behavioral Antecedents to Recidivism: A Retrospective Analysis
    • An Examination of Medium- and Maximum-security Federally-sentenced Female Offenders
    • Factors Related to Recidivism Among Released Federal Sex Offenders
    • Factors Related to Unlawful Walkaways from Minimum Security Institutions
    • Female Young Offenders in Canada: Revised Edition
    • Female Offenders with and without Major Mental Health Problems: A Comparative Investigation
    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Implications for Correctional Service?
    • High-Risk Violent Offenders in Canada
    • An Investigation into the Characteristics of Substance-Abusing Women Offenders: Risk, Need and Post-Release Outcome
    • Male Young Offenders in Canada: Revised Edition
    • Managing High-risk Offenders: A Post-detention Follow-up
    • Managing Older Offenders: Where Do We Stand?
    • Maximum-security Female and Male Federal Offenders: A Comparison
    • Northern Aboriginal Offenders in Federal Custody: A Profile
    • Patterns of Alcohol and Drug Use among Federal Offenders
    • Preliminary Results of National Sex Offender Census
    • The Prevalence, Nature and Severity of Mental Health Problems among Federal Male Inmates in Canadian Penitentiaries
    • The Prison Careers of Offenders with Mental Disorders
    • Prison Work Programs and Post-Release Outcomes: A Preliminary Investigation
    • Results of a Pilot Study of the Peer Support Program for Women Offenders
    • Review of the Offender Population Forecast Models, Data and Requirements
    • Risk and need among federally-sentenced female offenders: A comparison of minimum, medium, and maximum security inmates
    • Staff Commitment in the Correctional Service of Canada
    • Temporary Absence Program Participation and the Release of Federal Offenders
    • Unlawful Departures from Minimum Security Institutions: A Comparative Investigation
    • etc.
  • Research Briefs:
    • Adult Female Offenders in Canada: Recent Trends
    • Female Young Offenders in Canada : Recent Trends
    • Homicide, Sex, Robbery and Drug Offenders in Federal Corrections: An End-Of-1997 Review
    • Male Young Offenders in Canada: Recent Trends
    • Marriage while Incarcerated: Characteristics and Relationships of Partners (A Preliminary Analysis)
    • A Profile of Homicide Offenders in Canada
    • A Profile of Robbery Offenders in Canada
    • Recent Trends and Patterns Shaping the Corrections Population in Canada: 1983/84 to 1996/97
    • etc.
  • The Safe Return of Offenders to the Community
    Statistical overview
  • Youth and Corrections
    Includes youth crime trends in British Columbia, a profile of the adolescent sex offender, a profile of young adult offenders in federal corrections, and younger offenders in the federal correctional system


  • No statistical features currently identified.

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