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Canadian Policy Research Network
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  • The Economic Burden of HIV/AIDS in Canada
    Press Release


  • Canadian Cities and employment
    Press Release & Backgrounder: Employment Growth and Change in the Canadian Urban System, 1971-94
  • Jobs created & eliminated by computer technology
    Press Release & Backgrounder: The Results of Working with Technology - Survey III
  • Training in the Canadian companies
    Press Releases & Backgrounders: The Results of the Workplace Training Survey
  • The Future of Work in Canada-- A Synthesis Report
    Press Release
  • Youth and Unemployment
    Press Releases & Backgrounders: Youth and Work in Troubled Times: A Report on Canada in the 1990s Changing Patterns of School-to-Work Transition & Youth Employment & Education Trends in the 80s and 90s


  • Nonprofit and Charitable Sector
    Press Releases & Backgrounders: Emerging from Obscurity: Canada's Nonprofit Sector Growing, but Not Understood

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