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Canadian Council on Social Development
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  • Bringing Down the Barriers: The Labour Market and Women with Disabilities in Ontario
  • Canadian Fact Book on Poverty 2000
    The full publication is only available off-line. The following can be viewed on-line:
  • Computers and Adult Literacy: Voices of computer literacy students in Ontario
    Survey findings
  • Disability in the Labour Market
    In Perception (Volume 23, No. 3); features statistics on the connection between disability and poverty
  • Estimated Costs of Raising a Child to Age 18, 2002
  • Immigrant Youth in Canada
    • Where do immigrant youth come from and where do they settle?
    • Lifestyle Patterns of Immigrant Youth
    • Perceptions of Racism
    • Do Community Services Respond to the Needs of New Immigrants?
  • Income and Child Well-being: A New Perspective on the Poverty Debate
  • Income Statistics
    • Average Incomes by Family Type, Canada, 1991 and 1996
    • Average and Median Family Income by Province, 1996
    • Average Incomes by Family Type, Before and After Taxes and Transfers, 1996
    • Percentage Distribution of Total Income of Families and Unattached Individuals by Quintiles, Canada, 1980-1996
    • Distribution of After-Tax Income of Families by Income Quintile, 1975, 1984, 1994
    • Distribution of After-Tax Income of Unattached Individuals by Income Quintile, 1975, 1984, 1994
    • Distribution of After-Tax Income of All Units, by Income Quintile, 1975, 1984, 1994
    • Distribution of Total Income of Families by Income Quintile, 1974, 1984, 1994
    • Distribution of Total Income of Unattached Individuals by Income Quintile, 1974, 1984, 1994
    • Distribution of Total Income of All Units by Income Quintile, 1974, 1984, 1994
    • Average Incomes of Families and Unattached Individuals, Canada, 1951-1995
  • Insight: An Information Series
    Documents examining the quantitative aspects of social policy:
    • The Targeting Paradox
    • Educated but Poor
    • Temporary Employment
    • Income Support and Tax Relief for People with Disabilities
    • Investing in Canada's Children: Our Current Record
    • Is Wage Parity for Women Just Around the Corner?
    • Who benefits from Canada's income security programs?
    • Rethinking Child Poverty
  • Lifestyle differences between immigrant and Canadian-born youths
    • Importance of Religion
    • Smoking Status
    • Alcohol Drinking
  • Maternity leave, parental leave, and self-employed workers: Time for action!
    Article features statistics on self-employed workers in Canada
  • Minimum Wage Rates
    Canada and the provinces
  • La Pauvreté dans les Agglomérations Urbaines du Québec - English Highlights
  • Perception
    CCSD's quarterly news publication, featuring sound analysis, concise research results and more; back issues also available on-line
  • Personal Security Index 2000: Money, health, safety: How do Canadians feel?
    • economic security - disposable income, debt levels, confidence in employment
    • physical security - crime, workplace injury, health care system

    See: Communiqué and Highlights
    For full report click here


  • Personal Security Index 1999: How confident are Canadians about their economic and physical well-being? - Communiqué and Poverty Lines
    Low Income Cut Offs (LICOs) 1993-1998
  • Poverty Statistics
    • Historical Child Poverty Rates, by Province, Canada, 1980-1989 and 1990-1996
    • Historical Child Poverty Rates, Children in Single Mother Families, by Province, Canada, 1980-1989 and 1990-1996
    • Poverty Statistics, Canada, 1996
    • Family Poverty Rates, Canada and the Provinces, 1980-1995
    • Poverty Rates, Unattached Individuals by Age, 1980-1995
    • Poverty Rates, All Persons, 1980-1995
    • Poverty Rates for Selected Family Types, 1980-1995
    • Elderly Poverty Rates Over Time - 1980-1995
    • Elderly Poverty Rates 1980-1995, by Family Status
    • Child Poverty Rates Over Time - 1980-1995
    • Urban Poverty Rates
    • Child Poverty, Canada and the Provinces, 1993-1997
    • Family Poverty, families with children under 18, Canada and the Provinces, 1993
    • Family Poverty, families with children under 7, Canada and the Provinces, 1993
  • A Profile of Poverty in Mid-sized Alberta Cities
    Includes demographics of poverty, household type and poverty, education, employment and poverty, depth of poverty, and housing and poverty
  • The Progress of Canada's Children into the Millennium, 1999-2000
    Social and economic indicators in a number of areas affecting the lives of Canadian children at home, at school and in their neighbourhoods
  • The Progress of Canada's Children, 1998
  • Proportion of young adults living at home, 1996
    Table indicates percentage of people living at home by gender, marital status and age
  • Public Sector Downsizing: The Impact on Job Quality in Canada - Press release and Backgrounder
  • Riding the Technology Wave: Experiences of adult literacy students and teachers in Ontario (July 2000)
  • Social Spending Across the Life Course: Summary Report
    This report examines how much public social security spending is directed at children and youth, and how much at older adults and seniors
  • Thinking Ahead: Trends affecting public education in the future
    Report includes:
    • Projected population by age group and gender, Canada, 2021
    • Education program level and race
    • Enrolment of on-reserve Registered Indian population in Kindergarten, elementary and secondary schools
    • Total fertility rate (projected), Canada, 2001 to 2016
    • Per cent of families by type, Canada and Quebec, 1996
    • Family income before taxes, Canada, 1990 to 1997
    • Per cent of children in poverty, Canada, 1989 to 1997
    • Percentage of households with personal computers, by income quintiles, Canada, selected years
    • Percentage of elementary and secondary students enrolled in private schools, Canada, 1977 to 1998
    • Canadians' confidence in their institutions, 1998
    • Canadians' ratings of their province's elementary and secondary education systems, 1995 and 1997
  • Urban Poverty in Canada: A Statistical Profile 
    Report includes:
    • Poverty
      • in Urban Areas, 1990-1995
      • in Provinces
      • among Metropolitan Areas, 1990-1995
      • among Metropolitan Cities, 1990-1995
      • in Municipal Regions (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec, Ontario, British Columbia)
      • High-poverty Neighbourhoods, 1980-1995
    • Urban Demography
      • Age, Gender and Poverty
      • Immigration and Poverty
      • Visible Minority Persons in Poverty
      • Aboriginal People in Poverty
      • Persons with Disabilities in Poverty
      • Household Type and Poverty
    • Economic and Labour Force Characteristics
    • Income Security Programs and the Dimensions of Income
    • Population Composition and Poverty Rankings
    • Statistical Profiles of Urban Areas (HTML format)
      • Canada and Provinces
      • Census Metropolitan Areas
      • Municipal Regions
      • Cities
      • Non-CMA Urban Areas
  • Voter Turnout in Federal and Provincial Elections, 1988-1993
  • Welfare Statistics
    • Distribution of people on social assistance by family type, 1998
    • Welfare Cases by Family Type and Province, March 1997
    • Change in Welfare Benefits Between 1986 and 1996, by Province/Territory and Family Type
    • Estimated number of people on social assistance by province/territory, 1998 and 1997
    • Distribution of people on social assistance by family type, 1997
    • Estimated number of people on welfare by province and territory, 1994-1995
    • Welfare Incomes and Average Incomes in Canada, by Province and Family Type, 1993-1996
    • Welfare Incomes - Percentage change, 1986-1993 and 1986-1994
    • Estimated Number of Canadians on Welfare, by Province and Territory, 1994-1995
  • Welfare-to-Work Programs: A National
    - Communiqué, Backgrounder and CCSD position paper
  • Youth at Work in Canada - Press release and Highlights


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