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Canadian Association of Financial Planners
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  • Why People procrastinate in planning their Financial Futures and how to overcome them: The Top 7 Excuses


  • CAFP - Gallup Survey
    Survey on Canadians and their knowledge about and attitudes on professional financial planning; released January 11, 1999; highlights include the following questions:
    • Do you have a written financial plan, prepared by a professional financial planner?
    • Do you know how much money you will need to provide you with a secure retirement?
    • Have you made or will you make a contribution to your RRSP for the current taxation year?
    • Is the amount of your contribution based on your maximum annual contribution limit, available funds, guidelines contained in a written financial plan prepared by a professional financial/planner, or a guess as to the right amount you'll need to prepare for a secure retirement?
    • What minimum income level do you think a person should have before they hire a professional financial planner?
    • At what age do you think one should begin using the services of a professional financial planner


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