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Business Development Bank of Canada
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  • Beyond Their Small Businesses Part 1: A Profile of Canadian Entrepreneurs
    Includes data on Average Age, Business Trips, Commitment, Computer Technology, Degree of Satisfaction, Dream Cars, Education, Family, Hobbies, Physical Activity, Reading, Sleep, Work Schedule, Vacations
  • Beyond Their Small Businesses Part 2: A Profile of Their Companies
    Includes Jobs, Sharing Responsibilities, Finding New Employees, Employees' Contribution, Financial Performance, Exports, Obstacles to Growth, Access to Financing, Professional Services
  • Economic Impact of Venture Capital: A Survey
    Includes data on venture capital-backed companies and jobs, sales, exports, R&D, taxes, and much more
  • Women Entrepreneurs: A Survey
    Includes profiles of self-employed women: socio-demographic characteristics, working conditions, socio-cultural values, start-up conditions, issues, current trends in growth sectors


    PROFIT$ is a quarterly publication produced by the Business Development Bank of Canada, and designed to inform the small and medium-sized business community about topics of current interest, changing trends and new business opportunities
  • Ratio Calculators
    Interactive feature that allows you to input financial figures and have them calculated into key financial ratios and interpreted; covers Account Receivable Turnover, Asset Utilization, Average Collection Period, Average Days Payable, Coverage Ratio, Current Ratio, Days of Sales in Inventory, Debt-to-Asset Ratio, Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Earnings Per Share, Fixed Asset Utilization, Inventory to Net Working Capital, Inventory Turnover, Net Profit Margin, Quick Ratio, Return on Shareholders' Equity, Return on Total Assets, Sales per Employee

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