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GDSourcing's Retail Commodity Sales Reports

The following reports provide annual and quarterly retail sales of specific commodity groupings. They also include market share held by large retail chains (total) and the seasonality of sales.

Current data coverage is 2007 -  2011

Sample Report

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CRS-008: Fresh meat and poultry
CRS-009: Fresh fish and other seafood
CRS-010: Fresh fruits and vegetables
CRS-011: Dairy products and eggs
CRS-012: Bakery products (in-house and commercial)
CRS-013: Candy, confectionery and snack foods
CRS-014: Deli, salad bars and prepared foods for take-out
CRS-015: Frozen foods
CRS-017: Non-alcoholic beverages
CRS-020: Personal care, health and beauty products
CRS-021: Cosmetics and fragrances
CRS-022: Other toiletries and personal care products
CRS-023: Eyewear, prescription and non-prescription
CRS-025: Prescription drugs
CRS-026: Over-the-counter drugs and other health supplements
CRS-029: Luggage and leather goods
CRS-030: Jewellery and watches
CRS-032: Women's clothing and accessories (TOTAL)
CRS-033: Women's outerwear
CRS-034: Women's dresses and suits
CRS-035: Women's skirts, pants, blouses, sweaters and other tops and bottoms
CRS-036: Women's hosiery
CRS-037: Women's lingerie, sleepwear and intimates
CRS-038: Other women's clothing
CRS-039: Women's accessories