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The purpose of this data centre is to provide Canadian entrepreneurs with an economical way to access detailed Canadian market and industry data.  It also references some of the best tools needed to start a new business in Canada. 
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 Canadian Industry Profiles


Small Business Financial benchmarks by sector.

Find out how small businesses in your industry are performing; how many are profitable; what their growth rates are.

Is your sector expanding or contracting?  What financial concerns does it face?

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Industry Profile ($24.00)

Profiles e-mailed next business day.

NB: These profiles do NOT include company names & addresses.


Select your Industry
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11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting
21 - Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction
22 - Utilities
23 - Construction
31-33 - Manufacturing
41 - Wholesale Trade
44-45 - Retail Trade
48-49 - Transportation and Warehousing
51 - Information and Cultural Industries
53 - Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
54 - Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
55 - Management of Companies and Enterprises
56 - Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
61 - Educational Services
62 - Health Care and Social Assistance
71 - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
72 - Accommodation and Food Services
81 - Other Services

* Business Count Data covers 1999 to 2002
* Financial Ratios cover 1998 to 2000
       data released Dec 2002

NB: Sectors are organized by North American Industry Classification System.  For definitions see the Statistics Canada web site.


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 Canadian Market Estimates


Profile of household expenditures on specific categories.

The data you need to estimate local consumer market size priced so you can afford it!

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Full Market Profile ($75.00)
Summary Market Profile ($16.00)

Profiles e-mailed next business day.


Select your Market
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Games of Chance / Gambling
Gifts of Money & Contributions
Health Care
Household Furnishings & Equipment
Household Operation
Investments in the Home
Miscellaneous Expenditures
Personal Care
Personal Insurance & Pension
Personal Taxes
Reading Material
Tobacco Products & Alcohol Beverages

* Data covers 1997 to 2001
2001 data released Dec 2002

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How is your sector performing?  Select your Industry


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 Researching a Small Business in Canada


Market Research made fast and easy!

The sixth addition of our popular research guide is now available with a February 2003 update.

It includes nearly 10,000 references to free and low cost sources of Canadian statistics all organized by market type or industry.

Electronic version:  $35.00  (instant access)
CD-ROM version:  $50.00
Paper Version:  $110.00

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 Business Planning Software


Produce your business plan quickly and easily

Designed for Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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